What Is SurvivorBox™?


SurvivorBox™ is a nonprofit aggregator and distributor of disaster relief supplies.  SurvivorBox™ partners with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in meeting their requests for specific items needed by their onsite personnel. 

SurvivorBox™ then works on funding containers to be shipped to locations where distribution is managed by the NGO to ensure proper delivery to those most in need. The supplies and equipment are vital in promoting better health in combating infection and disease.

SurvivorBox™ seeks corporate partners for financial and product contributions, as well as individual and foundation support in providing its unique disaster relief solution.

A SurvivorBox™ is a simple but unique solution to a critical disaster relief problem, supplying first aid, personal care, and sanitary supplies that can be assembled with volunteer or minimally-trained labor, stocked with commonly-available products, transported efficiently, and protected from the elements by the sturdy but inexpensive box.  The box itself can perform a multitude of functions, including transporting supplies, functioning as a basin for bathing and even as a flotation device.  Accordingly, the SurvivorBox™ can be assembled in modest quantities at $100 or less per unit, and at a significantly lower cost in volume.