SurvivorBox™ Announces Alliance with Partners In Health and Stand With Haiti Project


SurvivorBox is proud to announce its recent alliance with Partners In Health (PIH) and Stand With Haiti Project. We will be providing our boxes and necessary vital equipment.

In the boxes there will be first-aid kits, hygiene supplies, and items specifically requested by PIH Team Haiti. The extra equipment may include tools, generators, water purifiers, pumps and children’s items. As part of its commitment, SurvivorBox agrees to fund, procure, prepare, and ship the boxes to Port au Prince, Haiti, from Wilmington, North Carolina. For its part, PIH agrees to manage in-country logistics and distribution on site through their hospital and clinic locations.

One Box per individual family will contain:
FIRST-AID contents:
- Alcohol wipes & hand cleanser
- Gauze & band-aids
- Anti-bacterial ointment, hydrogen peroxide & Ibuprofen
- Medical gloves & surgical masks

BOX contents:
- Bars of soap
- Shampoos
- Shaving needs
- Washcloths
- Lotions
- Toothbrushes
- Toothpastes
- Mouthwashes
- Dental flosses
- Deodorants
- Sanitary wipes
- Feminine hygiene products
- Condoms
- Hair brushes
- Combs
- Mirrors
- Nail clippers
- Laundry soaps
-Cleaning disinfectants
- Water purification tablets
- Solar powered flashlights
- Ponchos
- Whistles for rape prevention