Focus on Crisis in Japan

Image The massive earthquake that struck northeast Japan on March 11, 2011 has caused a cascading series of impacts being felt around the world.  The force was such that the planet's mass was redistributed, and the length of the day was shortened by a fraction of a second.

In Japan, the damage caused by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake was massive; the ensuing tsunami literally obliterated towns and lives; and a critical nuclear facility teetered on the edge of disaster for days, threatening an ecological disaster.

What this has meant for the people of Japan, both locally and throughout the island nation, is a wide-ranging disruption of daily life and all expectations of normalcy.

As relief agencies around the world spring to aid the disaster victims, the SurvivorBox™ organization is moving quickly to establish its presence.

Our personnel are working urgently to establish relationships with on-site organizations in order to ascertain local needs, to secure cooperation and distribution channels, and to determine logistical requirements of transporting a variable mix of first aid, personal care and hygiene essentials in the unique SurvivorBox™ containers to those most in need.

The SurvivorBox™ design – a modified flexible plastic “hurricane box” with a watertight lid – is perfectly suited to the distribution of these necessary items, which are protected from the elements by the container.  The SurvivorBox™ itself can also be re-purposed for a number of tasks, ranging from use as a basin for washing or bathing to serving as a flotation device.

Our core team is also working with companies and charitable organizations in the United States to secure funding necessary for assembly, packing and transport.  Most urgently needed at this point are contributions of any denomination, as well as logistical support to assist in the transportation of these badly-needed supplies.

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