Continuing Crises Expand Relief Needs


Relief Needs on the Upswing
After starting the year with a massive quake in Japan, followed by a devastating tsunami, extreme weather is causing an unprecedented demand on relief services around the world. is continuing its cooperation with Partners in Health's "Stand with Haiti" project while efforts to establish bridges to NGOs and religious communities on the ground in Japan are being pursued. And the demands continue unabated.

Because of a particularly strong La Nina weather pattern, the United States is experiencing record weather disasters, ranging from droughts in the Southwest, to tornadoes throughout the Southeast and Midwest, to floods all along the route of the Mississippi River.  Whole towns and counties are being wiped off the map by massive storms and both controlled and uncontrolled flooding.

Meanwhile, with the global recession leading many to predict a cessation in the rise of greenhouse gases associated with climate change, carbon dioxide levels are in fact reaching peak levels; and ozone depletion - once thought to be under control with the removal of hazardous refrigerants and aerosol propellants from the market - is re-emerging as a threat to both the environment and to human health.

Experts project widespread occurrences of extreme weather for years to come, despite global efforts to control greenhouse gases and the release of carbon into the atmosphere.  Rising ocean temperatures and changes in atmospheric patterns support these conclusions.

While this is occurring, political and social unrest also threaten to cause disasters of another sort.  When government upheaval and social unrest dislocate normal society, large populations can be uprooted, leaving behind the chaos of one country while imposing an unexpected burden on neighboring nations.  Whether caused by natural or by human forces, the resulting disruption of life and displacement of populations creates critical needs for relief supplies and services. is making urgent efforts to leverage its volunteer model with private and corporate contributions to make our SurvivorBox™ emergency supply packages available to crises areas around the world.  We have personnel and corporate resources to outfit and pack our relief supplies.  We need financial and/or in-kind support to transport the supplies to NGOs and relief groups here and abroad to serve critical needs of struggling populations.

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