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Rolling Stone Article Shows Limitations; Problems to Be Addressed

ImageThe below excerpt is taken from the outstanding Rolling Stone article, Beyond Relief:  How the World Failed Haiti.  The article outlines a clear and continued need for small non-profits like SurvivorBox (tm) to work with NGOs to bring continued relief through needed supplies to those still striving to survive in Haiti.

Below is a section of the article with a link to the Rolling Stone article.

Continuing Crises Expand Relief Needs


Relief Needs on the Upswing
After starting the year with a massive quake in Japan, followed by a devastating tsunami, extreme weather is causing an unprecedented demand on relief services around the world. is continuing its cooperation with Partners in Health's "Stand with Haiti" project while efforts to establish bridges to NGOs and religious communities on the ground in Japan are being pursued. And the demands continue unabated.

Support In Japan Still Needed; Appreciated


Norimasa Kobayashi, an assistant professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, recently published a paper entitled, "Lessons to the Learned from Japan's Disaster on March 11."  The paper was so compelling and insightful, we have made it available for our supporters to download.  As a person both involved in disaster relief and also Japanese, he gives us a unique look at how the Japanese culture and citizens view the non-profit sector and how great their needs are. 

Focus on Crisis in Japan

Image The massive earthquake that struck northeast Japan on March 11, 2011 has caused a cascading series of impacts being felt around the world.  The force was such that the planet's mass was redistributed, and the length of the day was shortened by a fraction of a second.

SurvivorBox™ Announces Alliance with Partners In Health and Stand With Haiti Project


SurvivorBox is proud to announce its recent alliance with Partners In Health (PIH) and Stand With Haiti Project. We will be providing our boxes and necessary vital equipment.

What is Cholera?

We are often asked about the status in Haiti with regard to hygiene and whether our efforts are well-placed there.  We believe they are.  In the following information, provided through the Partners In Health website, we explore the prevalence of cholera.  The following information is provided by Joia Mukherjee, Chief Medical Officer for PIH.

The Link Between Disease and Environment


The Johns Hopkins and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies published a report in 2009, which in Chapter 8, discusses the link between disease and the environment.  Chapter 8 offers such a deep justification and need for our product that we are republishing it here on our website.  Some signficiant excerpts are below:

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